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On this page resources will be added which parents may find helpful to use to support their children.

These will include resources to support with aspects of learning, speaking and listening and social and emotional development.


Echelford's SEND Padlet

We now have a newly created Echelford SEND padlet which allows us to share resources and news with our parents and families in an interactive and accessible way. 

What is a Padlet?
Padlet is a free online tool that is best described as an online notice board. Padlet can be used by students and teachers to post notes on a common page. The notes posted by teachers and students can contain links, videos, images and document files.

Please click on the image below to be taken to our Padlet.

Build a brick wall of words your child learns so they can refer to it while they are reading and writing.
Use these handy visual pictures to help your child remember which way round their b and d should be written.
Use this Monster Task Board to break down home learning tasks into more manageable chunks for your child.
This handy sheet is a great visual aid to use to remind your child how to hold their pencil correctly.

We also attach below a document detailing a number of memory games which are great for all children but particularly those who struggle to retain and recall information.

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