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The Echelford Primary School


Curriculum Intent

At Echelford, our curriculum aims to immerse pupils in meaningful learning opportunities ensuring they thrive throughout their time at school, whilst preparing them for an ever-changing world. Using our own diverse locality, lessons are designed to engage, motivate and inspire all pupils to reach their full potential.  We strive to provide our children with key conceptual knowledge alongside developing fundamental skills such as teamwork and resilience. Thus enabling them to complete learning of which they are truly proud.  

Our compulsory start and end times for the school day are as follows:

Official start time of the compulsory school day 8.50am 8.50am 8.50am
Official end time of the compulsory school day 3.10pm 3.15pm 3.20pm
Total time (hrs) this amounts to in a typical week, including breaks but not after-school activities 31.60 32.05 32.50


The Echelford Primary School