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Collective Worship

By law, collective worship takes place every day. At the end of assemblies children have a brief opportunity to reflect on the teachings that have just been shared, as well as their own values and beliefs. Worship is “broadly Christian” but regularly draws on teachings from other religions/ cultures. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from collective worship however we encourage parents who may be considering this to discuss it fully with our RE subject leader or a member of the Leadership team to see what else can be done to alleviate particular anxieties about this important aspect of provision. 


In assemblies at Echelford Primary School staff and visitors support children in the development of their spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) understanding. Assemblies also provide an opportunity for staff and children to come together to celebrate each other’s successes.

We welcome visitors from all religious communities and are currently building relationships within the local community to support us in leading a range of assemblies for the children. Children are often asked to reflect on what they have heard in assembly and to record their responses, questions and comments which are collected in their reflection journals. 

Class assembly dates 2023-24

 All assemblies start at 9am

Month Date Class
Sept Wednesday 20th  6H Class Assembly
Wednesday 27th  2W Class Assembly
October Wednesday 4th  6J Class Assembly
Wednesday 11th  4S Class Assembly
Wednesday 18th  6W Class Assembly
November Wednesday 8th 5W Class Assembly
Wednesday 15th  2B Class Assembly
January Wednesday 17th  4M Class Assembly
Wednesday 24th 5B Class Assembly
Wednesday 31st 1C Class Assembly
February Wednesday 7th 3DT Class Assembly
Wednesday 28th  2A Class Assembly
March Wednesday 6th  3H Class Assembly
Wednesday 13th  1H Class Assembly
Wednesday 20th 1A Class Assembly
April Wednesday 24th  5G Class Assembly
May Wednesday 1st 3S Class Assembly
Wednesday 8th RG Class Assembly
Wednesday 22nd RL Class Assembly
June Wednesday 12th  4EJ Class Assembly
Wednesday 19th RO Class Assembly
The Echelford Primary School