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Personal, Social and Health Education

Personal, Social, Health and Education (PSHE) underpins life in primary school. Children's attitudes to themselves and each other must be healthy if effective learning is to take place. The emphasis is on encouraging individual responsibility, awareness and informed decision-making to promote healthy life styles. PSHE enables children to manage their lives now and in the future, developing the qualities and attributes that they need to thrive as individuals and members of society. PSHE is taught explicitly in weekly lessons, however, it is also at the heart of daily school life.

The core themes in PSHE include: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Economic wellbeing and being a responsible citizen.

Health and Wellbeing

Children learn about healthy lifestyles, keeping safe, managing change and making informed choices. This area of PSHE is also addressed in whole school assembly themes. The children learn about the importance of a healthy diet as well as an active lifestyle and how the two of these go hand-in-hand in creating and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. The School Council's collaboration with our Sports Leaders has allowed for a larger group of pupils to be involved in our application for the Healthy School's Awards. 


Children develop their understanding of relationships and learn how to form and maintain healthy relationships. In particular, they learn to manage emotions and how to respect diversity in relationships with a focus on discrimination and the importance of treating everyone equally. This area of PSHE also enables children to recognise negative relationships including bullying. The School Council, made up of a representative from every class from Years 1-6, have been working hard to inform others about bullying and how this can be resolved. They have even created a highly successful child-friendly leaflet entitled 'Keep Calm and Speak Out' that has been published throughout the school to pupils, staff, parents and is always accessible to visitors.

Economic wellbeing and being a responsible citizen

Preparing children for the wider world is also a key element within PSHE. Children learn about rights and responsibilities, respecting diversity and to manage money. They explore how money plays an important role in people’s lives and begin to gain an understanding of where it comes from. KS2 children gain further knowledge surrounding careers and being a positive member of the community. Our Year 6 children take part in a Junior Citizen trip where they participate in a range of activities such as: Stranger Danger, what to do in emergencies and how to stay safe on the Internet. This gives the children the knowledge and understanding they need to feel confident when transitioning to secondary school. 

Our British Values

The School Council have spent a lot of time looking into what it means to be British and as a group, have decided upon their five most important British values. In the Summer term of 2015, these values were introduced to the whole school community via assemblies, PSHE lessons and a whole school document that is displayed in classrooms and around the school. The five British values that the School Council felt were most important to our school community are: Equality, Law, Tolerance, Respect and Democracy. The introduction of these values within our school has allowed for all children to be more reflective about their role within society and how to take ownership of their own choices. It has also ensured that we have a whole school understanding that is referred to in all learning areas and around school. 

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