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How can our Home School Link Worker support?

Navigating family life can be anything but straightforward at times! Sometimes we need to talk things through to help find a way forward.  

Here are a couple of examples of the tools that we can use to help families:

Early Help Assessment

The Early Help Assessment is a tool which families and professionals can use to help identify a need and to put a plan of support in place.  A plan is put together using this information to help you achieve the changes you want to make; this is called an Early Help Plan.

It will be regularly reviewed to ensure services are offering the right support and that you are making progress towards your goals.  This assessment tool can be used for a variety of reasons, such as behaviour concerns, housing, bereavement, SEN support, financial support etc.

The assessment is completed by the Home School Link Worker with you.  If you are happy with the plan then it will be implemented or changes will be made to the plan to suit your family’s needs.   

Graded Care Profile Assessment

This assessment helps both parents and professionals understand what you are doing well and what support you may need with being a parent.  The GCP2 is a practical tool which measures the quality of care delivered to an individual child or children over a short period of time.  

There are lots of things to think about when you are a parent and it is important to know what your child needs. Both the Early Help Assessment or a Graded Care Profile Assessment will help identify support for your family. 

If you would like an appointment to discuss how either of these assessments can support your family, please call Natasha via office.echelford@lumenlearningtrust.co.uk 

Home School Link Worker Recommendations:

Recommendations will be updated here periodically.

Upcoming events:

The next Echelford coffee afternoon will be held on Thursday 27th June 2024 at 2pm in the Community Room - This coffee afternoon will have an informal focus on anxiety for those looking for advice however everyone is invited to get together for a chat, have a  tea/coffee and a treat. 

Useful links:

Surrey Family Information service: https://www.surreycc.gov.uk/children/support-and-advice/families

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