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Schools within the Lumen Learning Trust foster an inclusive environment where everyone lives, learns and thrives together.

Our Equality policy sets out our commitment to tackling discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity irrespective of any protected characteristic. Protected characteristics make up the part of a person’s identity that makes them who they are, such aspects or characteristics are protected from discrimination. There are 9 protected characteristics within the Equality Act: disability, sex (gender), gender reassignment, religion and belief, age, race (ethnic origin), sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership and pregnancy and maternity.

You can find our policy by clicking here.

The Lumen Learning Trust continuously strives to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

  • We are committed to ensuring equality of education and opportunity for staff, pupils and all those receiving services from the school.
  • Each person in our school will be given fair and equal opportunities to develop their full potential.
  • We believe that diversity is a strength, which should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit Trust schools.
  • We aim to identify and remove barriers to all pupils in every area of school life. We have high ambitions for all pupils and high expectations for participation.

Schools within Lumen Learning Trust have a commitment to equal opportunities. The schools in the Trust:

  • set suitable learning challenges.
  • respond to pupils’ diverse needs.
  • overcome potential barriers to learning and assessment for individuals and groups of pupils.
  • monitor the achievement of all pupils, and use performance data to help raise standards and ensure inclusive teaching.
  • aim to provide our pupils with a firm foundation which will enable them to fulfil their potential, regardless of special educational needs and ability, sex, race, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation or gender reassignment.
  • seek to eliminate unlawful discrimination against pupils and staff by adhering to our duties as an employer under the legislation.
  • will work actively to promote equality and foster positive attitudes and commitment to an education for equality.

The Trust will achieve this by:

  • treating all those within the school community (e.g. pupils, staff, governors, parents and the community) as individuals with their own particular abilities, beliefs, challenges, attitudes, background and experience;
  • creating and maintaining a school ethos which promotes equality, develops understanding and challenges myths, stereotypes, misconceptions and prejudices;
  • encouraging everyone in community to develop and hold a positive self-image and high self- worth
  • implementing a restorative approach in our behaviour policies
  • having high expectations of everyone involved with the Trust community;
  • promoting mutual respect and valuing each other’s similarities and differences and facing equality issues openly and honestly;
  • identifying, challenging and removing all practices, procedures and customs which are discriminatory and replacing them with practices that are fair to all;
  • monitoring, evaluating and reviewing all the above to secure continuous improvement in all that we do.

Date published: May 2023
Date of next review: May 2026

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