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Spelthorne Junior Quiz

On Friday 14th of October we travelled to the borough's Council Offices in Knowle Green, to participate in the Spelthorne Junior Quiz. When we arrived, we were excited to be guided through the corridors that were filled with photographs of the past Mayors of Spelthorne. We were taken into the debating room where we learned about what these rooms are used for - it was clear that important political debates regularly take place in there. There were many categories in the quiz and we were particularly strong as a team on our knowledge about the local area.

We were lucky enough to meet the Mayor of Spelthorne, Alfred Friday, and we held a mini debate about whether there should be an age restriction for the possession and use of mobile phones or not. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Council Offices and would like to thank Mrs. De Cort and Mrs. Bruce-Reid for supporting us during this exciting event.

Written by Lana McEvoy, Lucas Flores and Maya Deugou Kialeu.

The Echelford Primary School