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Echelford Authors

New for Autumn 2019 is our termly Echelford Authors Competition! 

Each term all Echelford children are invited to be inspired by a pre-selected image to create a story of up to 500 words which they then submit to be judged by an in-house panel.  One winner will be chosen from each year group, with each story published proudly on this page as well as winning a prize in recognition of their achievement.

Autumn Term 2019

Mr Lockyer and Miss Enright were delighted with the wonderful stories that were submitted for our first ever competition using the image, right, as inspiration. It was difficult to choose the winners but after much deliberation the following authors were chosen. 

Our Autumn Term 2019 image inspiration

Each winner will be given a book voucher to be used at our book fair due to be held after half term. Congratulations go to the following children:

Year group Winner
Year 2 Jessica W (class 2WM)
Year 4 Hrithik B (class 4R)
Year 5 Ethan H (class 5J)
Year 6 Kaitlyn W (6G)

The following children, despite not being crowned Year group winner, have been highly commended for their story:

Year Group Highly Commended
Year 2 Jack, 2WM
Year 4 Oliver, 4R
Poppy, 4B
Year 5 Ethan, 5J
Olivia, 5J
Amelia, 5M
Year 6 Martim, 6G
Abigail, 6G

And here are our winning entries. We hope they inspire you to enter your own story next term......

Jessica's Story

In the big wide ocean, there was a black rock. There was a party inside the rock. There were lots of different coloured lights coming from inside, that were pink, blue, purple, indigo, violet and finally, gold! In the party, there were golden coins, silver fish and treasure!

At the party, there were twenty-two dolphins, three crocodiles, one hundred and five different types of fish, ten sharks, fifteen crabs and twenty people. The music was very loud and the animals were all dancing along!

“How long will this party last for?” they said, “This is an excellent party!”

Then the crab said, “I love this party! What are we going to do next? Are we going to play ‘Pass the Fish?”

Suddenly, the sharks and crocodiles started to eat the people! The dolphins and the crabs started to dance to the music. They weren’t being eaten because the dolphins were helping and the crabs were getting the orders for the barbecue!

The barbecue suddenly was on fire, and it was because the dolphins and the crabs weren’t listening or doing there jobs! The building was falling down!

Then, all the animals quickly swam out, and the watched the building fall down. The crabs were going to get people to help! Those people were firefighters, builders and shopkeepers.

The firefighters sprayed water to stop the fire and the builders were building the rock up again. The shopkeepers were checking to was safe and gave them a new, rainbow-coloured, sparkly barbecue.

Then some real-life fairies came to make sure that there would be no more fires or accidents so they were never in danger again.

However, the fire started again because the fairies flew away, so nobody made sure it was safe. Then, none of the helpers were there anymore to stop  it. The building was collapsing! None of the animals knew what to do! They were so worried, because they wouldn’t have a home to live in anymore! All of the fish suddenly got other big animals  that didn’t live in the sea to come and help them! Together, all the animals stopped the fire, and made sure that it would never happen again! They all stayed together to look after each other!

They all learnt to help each other and make sure they were looking after everyone!

Hrithik's Story

The Adventure island
When I was walking on the beach and I saw a huge cave. When I came closer to the cave, I saw a light. The water was surrounding the whole cave. There were many rocks in front of the cave. I saw so many fishes in the water with different colours. I decided to catch some fishes along with my parents.

I love it and learned something new! After some fishing, we were walking at the seaside we saw so many white birds around the sea. After lunch, we were playing the ball and we saw one key. When I hold it it started glowing it was a magic key. It took us to another island named the Maldives. The island was wonderful we were happy and excited because it was my dream to go there one day. Luckily by magic key,we went there. We saw so many tourists enjoying the gorgeous island The sea has the same turquoise blue colour both in a luxury resort and a local island, and the underwater life just breathtaking!

The next day I was playing in the seaside digging the sand suddenly I saw the buried treasure. The box was made of wooden. There were gold and silver coins inside the box. People around us saw the wooden box so everyone wanted to get the coins, but we decided to hand to the police. Then the police gave it to the government, so they gave it to the charity. The magic key appeared at us and when I hold it started glowing gold and took us home. I went to my room and was thinking I had the best adventure now waiting for the next one........ 

Ethan's Story

My Goblin Experience
Silent, cold, it was as if time had stopped, when suddenly a beam of light shot out of an abandoned, lonely cave. Carefully, I tip toed closer and closer to the spooky cave, but as I was doing that I heard footsteps, but they weren’t mine.

The footsteps got louder and louder until a mucky green coloured goblin trotted out of the cave. He’d spotted me, I immediately turned around and zoomed back the way I came. As I was running I tripped over a boulder like rock, I got back up unharmed but I didn’t realise how fast a goblin actually was!

Finally, I made it home, I ran straight for my room and tried my hardest to forget about what had just happened, so I closed my eyes then went to sleep. Meanwhile, the goblin went back to his cave then told all his minions that in the morning they will raid the village I was living in. I woke up to a loud banging noise, so I looked out of the window and at that moment I saw thousands of goblins attacking our village. I was freaking out, so I slapped myself to see if I was dreaming but I wasn’t. Almost fainting in shock, I stood in my room, I was trying to think of what I was going to do next and how I would get rid of all the goblins.

Out of nowhere there was a huge roar, everyone (including the goblins) looked around to see what it was. No one knew what it was at first but as it got closer we all realised it was a massive, red, scaly, fire breathing dragon. All of the goblins tried to run away but after 5 minutes the dragon had melted all of the goblins away.

Kaitlyn's story

A vivid light shone gorgeously through the entrance to the cave and could be seen from many miles away. To the left of the cave stormy clouds gathered and rain began to fall. The cobalt waves crashed against the rocky walls of the cave with violence. Splash. The waves became stronger and the current was too quick. The man in his boat struggled to control the sail as it whipped to and throw. Waves came crashing violently into the boat ; he was tossed around. Time ticked by. The rain pummelled down hard on the man as he desperately clung to the side of the boat.

After what felt like hours, the rain had gone and the waves became smoother. The sun shone once more like a bright summers day. The man started to tackle the mountain of rocks blocking the entrance to the cave hoping to find his wife and son. The sun gradually began to set in the sky and the clouds turned to dust. Day turned to night ; the light in the cave started to dwindle. The man had finally cleared the rocks. Suddenly, he heard a noise. In the distance, the noise was louder, deafening, even. Nobody could bear to hear it. The shriek of a woman came from further inside the cave but then, there was silence.

The silence went on for hours until a single splash came from the outside world. “Help!” came the voice of a child. “Somebody! Anybody, help us.” The pleading soon turned to crying and soon after, the child stopped. He heard footsteps from not that far away and stepped back. Towering over a body, he begged his mind for something good to happen. He was desperate for someone to appear and save him but this was no fairytale. This was the end. Suddenly, a tall dark figure of a man appeared in the entrance and ran up to him. He soon realised it was his father. “What happened? You’re mother…” he asked. The boy looked at his father but still said nothing. Then, he turned to his mother and felt tears cascade down his cheeks. He took a deep breath and explained what had happened: “She fell when the light went out and I didn’t know what to do. I called her name but she wouldn’t move. I did everything I could, Dad!” He fell into his fathers arms but they both stopped when they heard a cough from on the ground.

They looked at the woman with hope when she coughed again. “She’s awake! It’s a miracle!” they cheered. The man lifted his wife onto a smooth rock and hugged her tight. She gently opened her eyes and gazed up at her husband. This really was a miracle. “Mother! You’re alive,” the boy cried, “I’m so glad that you’re awake.” “Of course I’m alive,” the mother coughed happily, “We all are.” They sat there for hours, smiling, glad to have each other. This was their happily ever after.  

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