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Strength from Within

Exciting and purposeful Anti-bullying week at Echelford

This week has been Anti-bullying Week nationally and to support this important event, our School Council designed and led a week around the theme: Strength from Within. They began the week by launching the theme in a whole-school assembly. Additionally, we were impressed to see so many odd socks on display on Monday to celebrate diversity and the idea that we are 'all different, all equal'.

The School Council representatives have created a fantastic new role in school called 'Playground Pals'. This role has been designed to offer further support for all children during break and lunchtimes to ensure that these times of the school day are successful and enjoyable. Our Year 5 children were given the opportunity to apply for this role on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday the School Council came together to carefully select our very first group of Playground Pals by reading through the application forms that they created themselves. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the children that applied for this role; we were delighted to have interest from over a third of the Year 5 cohort. In this morning's special celebration assembly, we revealed who our first team of Playground Pals are and congratulated everyone involved in the process. They will now undergo a specifically designed training programme to ensure that they are knowledgeable and confident in carrying out their role responsibly and purposefully; we look forward to seeing our new Playground Pals on duty in the near future.

Finally, each class across the school took some time to consider what the messages of this week are and how they could promote that within their own class videos. It has been fantastic to see the children articulating their understanding of strength from within, being different and being equal in a variety of engaging ways: songs, raps, dances, role plays and information videos. Congratulations to all of the children for your hard work and enthusiasm across this very important week.

Thanks go to Miss Redman who led this week so brilliantly and working towards the school’s achievement of the national Well-being award.

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