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The Echelford Primary School

The Family Fitness Challenge 

Fire the victorious House!

As part our Science and PE Curriculum Week the children took part in scientific investigations and activities to explore the question, ‘How does exercise affect our bodies?’.

In particular, the PE aim for the week was -

To understand the importance of leading an active, healthy life’ 

To explore this subject matter we encouraged our whole school community to take part in the Family Fitness Challenge. Each family were asked to set their own timed activity which needed to be repeated every day for a week.  Activities could be adapted for the different ages within a family but could include skipping, step ups, sit ups, star jumps, hops and high knees to name a few! Each family set a realistic time target for their fitness challenge from 30 seconds up to a more ambitious 2 minutes for each burst of activity. 

Each and every time the activity was completed by a family member it was added to the family challenge record sheet which were then returned to school with house points awarded for each completed entry and added to the House point accumulator. Some notable challenges included press ups, sit ups, squats, jogging and shuttle runs as well as 'disco points up and down'!


The House Point Acumulator
Fire is victorious!

At the end of this challenge Fire were the winning house, beating off stiff competition from Air and Water. Congratulations to all the children in Fire who will be rewarded with some extra 'active' playtime after half term!

The Echelford Primary School