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Lego Story Starter visit to Year 5

Imaginations take flight with Olly the lovable dragon

On Thursday 19th January Year 5 had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a Story Starter Workshop led by staff from LEGOLAND Windsor.

The children were able to apply learning from earlier in the year and develop new skills to bring back to the classroom. Each class spent time discussing how to develop a story about LEGOLAND's mascot, Olly - the lovable dragon.

Each group were set the task of creating a five part story around this topic with each child taking responsibility for a different part. Their imaginations were suitably fired allowing them to compose some wild but wonderful final pieces. Each group was then given the task of representing their story using the LEGO. Needless to say, their presentations captured the attention of the other children right to the end of the session.

Well done Year 5 and a big thank you to LEGOLAND. 

The Echelford Primary School