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Physical Education

Our Physical Education programme includes involving all children in physical activities which challenge our children at their own level. The aim is to allow children to develop individual physical skills to their full potential and to promote a healthy lifestyle within and outside of school.

All children participate fully in gymnastics, dance and games. Through all aspects of Physical Education the children are able to practise and develop physical skills, agility and co-ordination and to improve their own performance, by gaining a sense of achievement and self-confidence. Cooperative qualities and the care of and respect for equipment are also encouraged during PE learning, many of which involve working with a partner or in a group.

The Echelford Primary School has excellent facilities which support the delivery of these sporting opportunities – a large playing field, two playgrounds, a large hall and a gym.

The school runs a wide range of extra-curricular sports clubs aimed at different year groups and key stages.  Many of the clubs are changed on a termly basis to ensure variety.  The timetable for after school clubs is available on the school website.

The Echelford Primary School