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We believe that everyone can be a successful mathematician and we aim to create learners that understand and think like mathematicians not just learners that ‘do maths.’  We aim to do this through developing children’s mathematical thinking, reasoning and fluency through learning opportunities where problem solving is at the heart.

Pupils follow the programme of mathematics detailed in the National Curriculum 2014, which emphasises the importance of developing a good understanding of number, as well as developing children’s understanding of  Measurement, Geometry and Statistics. All pupils  have access to the same curriculum content and, rather than being extended with new learning, opportunities to deepen their conceptual understanding by tackling challenging and varied problems are explored.  Similarly with calculation strategies, children must not simply rote learn procedures but demonstrate their understanding of these procedures through the use of concrete materials and pictorial representations.

Each week a Mathematics Master certificate is awarded to a pupil from each class to celebrate the learning that has taken place. All children have the opportunity to apply their mathematics skills and refine their mental agility at home and in school through the use of Mathletics. This is an online programme where children complete tasks set by their class teacher and play mental maths games against children from all over the world.

Learning opportunities throughout the school are planned to ensure that children form concepts, develop skills, learn facts and acquire strategies that enable them to become successful in their Maths learning across the whole curriculum.

The Echelford Primary School