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The Echelford Primary School

Design and Technology

Design and Technology is about the development of problem-solving skills which are relevant across the whole curriculum. In their Technology activities, we encourage children to apply their knowledge and previous experience, and to develop their individual expertise and imagination as well as questioning their skills and strategies in order to perfect them.

In our school we endeavour to involve children in the techniques of design:-

  • Identifying needs and opportunities
  • Generating a design proposal
  • Planning and making
  • Evaluating, refining and planning for future action

The essential aims of the DT curriculum are to foster children's interests and observations of design in their environment, develop their communicative and reasoning skills and to apply their information and knowledge to real life situations.  This is carried out in the classroom using a wide variety of materials and techniques with the use of construction kits (Lego etc), everyday natural materials, synthetic materials and proper use of the relevant tools.  The safety aspect is always emphasised and considered.

The Echelford Primary School