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At Echelford we believe it is our responsibility to prepare our pupils to be happy, confident and safe users of technology. We want our pupils to develop skills that will equip them to be proficient, creative and effective users of ICT in a rapidly developing society. The curriculum offered at Echelford reflects this as we teach the children to design, write and debug programs. We use a range of software and devices to teach children to present information in new and exciting ways  for example video, animation, creating sound, and photography. We are committed to widening our pupil’s horizons and as such are constantly looking for ways to expand our use of technology.

Computing at Echelford is not a stand-alone subject but rather something which permeates through every aspect of school life. We aim to provide opportunities for children to learn through technology in all curriculum areas.

Underpinning our Computing curriculum is an ethos of safety. We encourage our pupils to be open about their worries and concerns when using technology and regularly discuss the importance of staying safe online. In doing so we teach the children

  • about the impact of cyberbullying and what to do if they have been affected
  • to be vigilant when communicating online recognising that people may not always be who they say they are
  • to tell an adult they trust if something is upsetting them
  • to question the reliability of information given through a web based source
  • to search responsibly for information while using internet browsers
The Echelford Primary School