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The Echelford Primary School

Lumen Learning Trust Policies

There are a number of policies that encompass all schools within our Trust which can be found below. 

  1. A brief guide to our LLT Concerns & Complaints Policypdf File
  2. LLT Animals in the learning environment policy 2024pdf File
  3. LLT Anti-Bullying Policy 2023pdf File
  4. LLT Behaviour Management Policy 2023pdf File
  5. LLT Bereavement for the School Community Policy 2023pdf File
  6. LLT Capturing and Storing Images policy 2023pdf File
  7. LLT Charging and Remissions policy 2023pdf File
  8. LLT Communications Policy 2023pdf File
  9. LLT Concerns and Complaints Policy 2023pdf File
  10. LLT Concerns and Complaints Policy Appendix B form â?? Stage 1 Headteacher Investigationdocx File
  11. LLT Concerns and Complaints Policy Appendix C form â?? Stage 2 Trust Level Investigationdocx File
  12. LLT Concerns and Complaints Policy Appendix D form â?? Stage 3 Governor Complaint Reviewdocx File
  13. LLT Designated teacher for Looked After Children 2024pdf File
  14. LLT E-Safety Policy 2023pdf File
  15. LLT Early Years Policy 2024pdf File
  16. LLT ECT Policy 2024pdf File
  17. LLT Educational visits policy 2024pdf File
  18. LLT Emergency Closure policy 2024pdf File
  19. LLT Equality Policy 2023pdf File
  20. LLT Equality Statement 2023pdf File
  21. LLT Family acceptable use of ICT agreement and e-safety rulespdf File
  22. LLT First Aid policy 2024pdf File
  23. LLT Food Policy 2023pdf File
  24. LLT Keeping Schools Safe from Abuse Threats and Violence Policy 2022pdf File
  25. LLT Mental Health and Wellbeing of Children and Staff policy 2023pdf File
  26. LLT Physical Education Policy 2023 pdf File
  27. LLT Premises Hire Policypdf File
  28. LLT Relationships & Sex Education Policy 2023pdf File
  29. LLT Religious Education Policy 2023pdf File
  30. LLT Safe Holding Policy 2023pdf File
  31. LLT Separated Parents policy 2023pdf File
  32. LLT Social Media and Networking for School Use Policy 2023pdf File
  33. LLT Supporting children with medical conditions policy 2024pdf File
  34. LLT Whistleblowing Policy 2023pdf File
  35. LLT Young Carers Policy 2024pdf File
The Echelford Primary School