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Year Group Core Texts

We have invested heavily in books for our children at school because it is so important that children love what the read even when they are just starting to read sounds.  

We have an extensive collection of books for children to read at home using, mostly, Big Cat Little Wandle Letters and Sounds revised books but also a range of other decodable books, which have been matched to the Letters and Sounds progression grid. 

We also support children in developing a love of reading for pleasure. For that reason, we have devised:

Core Text List

These are in place for every year group; this is in addition to the Power of Reading texts that are shared with the children through their writing lessons. This will include a core set of books, which range from diverse issues, classic, traditional stories and a range of authors.

'Must Read' poetry

In addition to each Core Text List, each year group has a ‘Must Read’ poetry selection which introduces them to a range of poems including rhyme, alliteration, comical and more thought-provoking poems, as well as, poems set in different countries and cultures.

The children will encounter these books and poems during class time; some will be read to them, some they will work on in groups, some will inspire and kick-start writing and some are read just for the joy of hearing a fabulous story.

Please refer to the images below to find a list of texts for your child's year group:



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