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Year 4 learning this week

Below you will find our weekly teaching and learning summary to find out how we develop and enrich your child's learning whilst they are with us.

Week ending What we have been learning about

In Year 4, we had a wonderful first week back! In Literacy, we have started our new text ‘Escape from Pompeii’ which links to our new History topic of the Romans. We have learnt about the story of Romulus and Remus and have completed a descriptive piece of writing based on Pompeii prior to 79
AD. In Maths, we have continued our topic of ‘Time’ and have been
developing their ability to tell the time to the exact minute and have begun to understand how to convert from analogue to digital. This is a skill that could be practised frequently at home!

Spellings: To spell words where ‘au’ makes an /or/ sound. E.G. August, launch, haul.

09/02/2024 This week, Year 4 have been exploring Ahmet’s perilous journey from Syria to the safety of London. We have recorded our findings in our very own diaries and our teachers have been incredibly impressed with the empathy and compassion we have shown towards the characters. Our focus has been using fronted adverbials within our writing. In Maths, we have been looking at time, with a focus on converting between analogue and digital clocks. We were so pleased to show our grown ups our incredible learning at the Expo on Wednesday, including our contrasting collages, which were a highlight for lots of families. 
Spellings: Words ending in ‘-ious’ and ‘-eous’
serious, obvious, curious, hideous, spontaneous, courteous, furious, various, victorious, gaseous
02/02/2024 We’ve had an amazing Maths Week! In Year 4, we have been investigating how best to make a profit from selling friendship bracelets, ready for today’s fair. We broke it all down to work out the most cost-effective length of elastic, number of beads and price point for each bracelet. Each class has worked incredibly hard to design their own production line to create the products and even dipped into marketing by creating labels for the bags and posters to advertise our work. Well done for your fantastic effort, Year 4! 
In Literacy, we have been holding debates based on why we should let refugees seek safety in our country. The children have approached this with great empathy, really showing our ‘N’ Green Value of being nurturing and kind to all. 
Spellings: To spell words where a suffix is added to words ending in ‘y’
merriment, happiness, plentiful, penniless, happily, prettiest, nastiness, beautiful, pitiful, silliness 
26/01/2024 This week, we have delved into the world of poetry to explore some of the perils that Ahmet, the character in our text, came across on his journey from Syria to the safety of London. This links in with our Geography learning in the coming weeks, where we will be using our map skills to plot the journey and explore some of the physical and human features of the countries he travelled through. This week also brings our fractions unit to a close, as we have been applying the skills we have learnt to word problems.  
Spellings: Words ending in ‘-ous’
courageous outrageous nervous famous adventurous disadvantageous ridiculous carnivorous rapturous torturous
19/01/2024 In Year 4 this week, we have been writing play scripts based on our text ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’. We then worked hard to turn them into paragraphs, using speech punctuation correctly. In Maths, we have been challenging ourselves to add and subtract mixed numbers and improper fractions. Although this started out as a bit of a tricky concept, we’ve been working hard using our manipulatives and a range of pictorial representations to help us and, as a result, we’ve made lots of progress! 
The suffix -ous 
Poisonous, dangerous, mountainous, marvellous, perilous, tremendous, enormous, jealous, precious, disastrous

This week, we have got stuck into our new Power of Reading text, The Boy at the Back of the Classroom. We have been using a whole range of ambitious vocabulary and sentence structures to ‘wow’ our audience when describing the classroom and the characters. Within our Maths learning, Year 4 have been looking at comparing and ordering fractions. Towards the later end of the week, we also challenged ourselves to look at mixed numbers and improper fractions. More of this to come next week! 
Spellings: -sion suffix - expansion, extension, comprehension, tension, suspension, exclusion, provision, explosion, erosion, invasion

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