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Year 2 learning this week

Below you will find our weekly teaching and learning summary to find out how we develop and enrich your child's learning whilst they are with us.

Week ending What we have been learning about

This week we have begun our new topic in Geography learning about the continent of Africa. On Tuesday, we were excited to listen to a talk about Uganda from Mrs Bugembe who shared photos from her time there as well as clothing, toys and traditional objects to show us. We have started learning about Lila and the Secret of Rain, a book based in Kenya.

09/02/2024 This week we have been very busy finishing our topics for the end of the half term. We have had a creative time making Easter Gardens in RaWV and have finished our collage and watercolour pictures based on Lisa Morales in Art. Within Computing we have completed our stop motion animations and have had great fun watching each others. Within Maths we have begun our topic reading clocks to o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. 
If a word ends in ‘y’ change it to an ‘i’ to add -ed
02/02/2024 This week we have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Maths Week. We started our week looking at how to work out the cost of materials and the money we would make if we sold them at a certain price. After this we progressed through the stages of designing, creating, evaluating and advertising our products ready for them to be sold next week. In other subjects we planned our Easter Gardens in RaWV, practised our dribbling in PE and continued to create artwork in the style of Lisa Moralis.
Words ending in s,x,z,sh and ch use -es to make a plural.
26/01/2024 This week in Year 2 we have been retelling our text A Winter’s Tale, but from the perspective of the dormouse featured in the story. In Maths we have continued our fractions learning, considering how to find halves and quarters of shapes and amounts. In PE we have been learning how to dribble with our hands and feet. We have also been sharing our individual opinions on what we feel Florence Nightingale’s greatest achievement was. 
We use ‘ck’ at the end of a word and after a short vowel sound. E.g.: truck, duck, pick, peck, track.

On Wednesday, our children were immersed in our Florence Nightingale learning. They learnt about other things that were happening around this time (such as the invention of the steam train) and about other key figures within this time period. Our writing has been related to this as we have created diary entries relating to when Florence Nightingale got to Scutari Hospital - we have been learning about subordinate conjunctions (mainly when and because) to make our sentences longer. In Maths, we have been learning about fractions, specifically halves and quarters. 

Spellings: to protect the short vowel sound you double the letter when adding -er (e.g. bigger and letter).


In Maths, we have been continuing our learning about multiplication and division and trying to solve word problems involving these. We have started to look at who Florence Nightingale was and why she is a key historical figure. In Computing we have enjoyed learning about Stop Motion animation and started to use the app 'Stop Motion Studio’ to see what they could do and how it works. Within Literacy we have written a letter home pretending we are the boy in the story A Winter's Sleep. 
Chunking words to help spell them by using syllables

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