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At Echelford, we have adopted a spelling approach which continues on from the children’s phonological understanding that they develop during Reception and KS1.  

During the school day, children have a daily 10-minute spelling session focussing on a particular spelling pattern. Each spelling pattern links to a phonics sound so they can draw on their previously learnt knowledge and use this to support further learning. This supports children in retaining this information and transferring it into their long-term memory. 

For example:

In Year 4, a spelling objective is words which have the ‘k’ sound in but are spelt as mosque, cheque and antique. Children begin to recap the initial sound which is ‘k’ and previously taught patterns such as crack, increase, sky. 

The children have shared that this is helping them in their spelling and the consistent daily approach is helping them remember these spelling patterns and rules.  

Time is also given to rehearse the National Curriculum’s statutory words in each year group to ensure children can both read and spell these words. These word lists are attached below and contain words which do not follow a regular spelling rule or contain a spelling rule which isn’t taught in that particular year group.  Spelling is differentiated across the class to ensure all of our children experience success. In addition to this, spelling bookmarks are sent home at the end of the week to share with parents some of the words their child is finding tricky or has been learning in class. The common number of spellings on these bookmarks is ten, however, this is dependent on each child. For some this is too much and we will always adapt to what is best for the child.

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