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Lumen Learning Trust

The Echelford Primary School

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    Who's Who in our PTA

    Whilst everyone is a automatically a member of the PTA when their child joins Echelford there are also a number of other named roles which members can volunteer for: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Class Representatives.

    We are mindful of the myriad of other commitments we all have through work and family and so look to find ways of ensuring no one person is overloaded with a role in any way.  As a consequence our named roles are all shared by two or three people.

    Chair Zoe Braidford Caroline Van Dyk Tara Parsons
    Secretary Caroline Dobson Catherine Cook Julie Borthwick
    Treasurer Lisa Davies Neetu Randhawa Lauren McBride

    School Representatives:

    Mrs. De Cort Class teacher 3D
    Mrs. Hicks School Business Manager
    Mrs. McCarthy/Mrs. Vernon Headteacher

    To help in administrative and practical ways, not least by drumming up support from parents in their class, each class has three class representatives.  We have some volunteers already but if you would like to put your name forward please email -the more the merrier!

    Class Class rep Class rep Class rep
    RW Michelle Kirk Tracey Jenson Tracy Eastaugh
    RC Julie Borthwick Alison Cornwell Laura Saunders
    RG Lauren McBride Hannah Phillimore Neetu Randhawa
    1SB Livia Maddison Donna Pisani Sonia Smalley
    1B Claire Dight Selina Stilwell

    Corrine Cordery/ Laura Grace

    1M Sarah Blatchford Laura Stenham Sandra Bown
    2S Christine Pallett Yvonne Tsiga  
    2M Marrisa Rushmere    
    2L Tara Parsons Kelly McKenna Diane Westlake
    3L Joanne Bate    
    3S Denise Doherty    
    3D Livia Maddison Catherine Cook Carrie Robins
    4P Tracy Adams    
    4D Sharon Hazell Andy Bown Danny Blackwell
    4B Caroline Dobson Fran Tocock Hayley Robinson
    5N Donna Pisani Mandy Bye Louise Shipp
    5B Hannah Chalcraft Rachel Castell Amber Cawte
    5J Wendy Oakes Lindsey Parker  
    6R Sarah Wallis