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A Primary Trust for Primary Schools

Lumen Learning Trust

The Echelford Primary School

    Read Aloud

    Who’s Who

    Leadership Team

    Mrs. M.E. McCarthy Executive Principal
    Ms. S. Kober Deputy Executive Principal, Headteacher Echelford
    Miss Oakley Deputy Headteacher
    Mrs. Butler Joint Early Years Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1 Phase Leader
    Mrs. Smith Joint Early Years Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1 Phase Leader
    Miss Redman Key Stage 2 Phase Leader
    Mrs. Devonport English Subject Leader
    Mrs. Boswell Maths Subject Leader
    Mrs. Cunnah Inclusion co-Leader
    Miss Ball Inclusion co-Leader
    Mrs. Thomas School Business Manager

    Office Staff

    Mrs. Cosgrave Interim Office Manager
    Mrs. Towersey Office Assistant
    Mrs. Carmichael Office Assistant
    Mrs. Fairminer Office Assistant
    Mrs. Baker Welfare & Office Assistant

    Teaching Staff 2018-2019
    Class Name Teacher Teaching Assistant SEN Support Assistant (if applicable)
    RB Miss Barnes* Mrs. Nowak Miss Jeffery
    RL Mr Lawlor Mrs. Panesar  
    RWM Mrs. Willis & Mrs. Melson Mrs. Ashbey Mrs Lacey
    1G Miss Green* Mrs. Walker  
    1H Mrs. Hubbard & Mrs. Butler /
    Mrs. Barber
    Mrs. Jeffery  
    1L Miss Legg Mrs. Hermosa  
    2B Mrs. Boswell* Mrs. Jamieson  
    2C Miss Code Mrs. Brown Mrs. Stow
    2J Mrs. Johnson Mrs. Learmonth Mrs. Horton & Mrs Spring
    3B Mrs. Bennett & Mrs. Butler /
    Mrs. Barber
    Mrs. Chalcraft  
    3L Miss Lester* Mrs. Loveridge Mrs. Schiralli & Miss Price
    3S Mr Lockyer Mrs. McEvoy  
    4A Miss Reynolds Mrs. Bruce-Reid  
    4D Miss Dubey Mrs. Hewitt Mrs. Harrison
    4R Miss Redman* Mrs. King  
    5E Miss Enright Mrs. McGrandles Mrs. Mavrodieva & Miss Jeffery
    5G Miss Galvin* Mrs. Quinn  
    5J Miss Johnston Mrs. Whiteside  
    6D Mrs. Devonport* & Miss West Mrs. Munro Mrs. Harrison
    6M Miss Margetts Mrs. Aquilina  
    6S Miss Sewell Mrs. Holman  

    *denotes Year Group Leader.

    Non class based staff:
    Mrs. Cunnah  Inclusion Manager
    Mrs. Joshi       French Teacher
    Mr. Waters     Sports Premium Mentor

    Support Staff

    Mrs. Ayton Breakfast club cook
    Mrs. Bhogal  Breakfast club assistant
    Mrs. Chalcraft Breakfast club assistant
    Mrs. Harrison Breakfast club assistant
    Mrs. Bhogal  Midday supervisor
    Mr. Gent Caretaker
    Mrs. Wallace Pastoral Co-ordinator
    Miss Sutton Home School Link Worker
    Mrs. Chirewa Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

    Subject Leadership 2018-2019

    Mrs. Devonport Lead Literacy
    Mrs.Boswell Lead Numeracy
    Miss Code PSHCE
    Miss Galvin Science
    Mrs. Willis Geography
    Mrs. Hubbard History
    Mr Lockyer Computing
    Miss Lester DT
    Miss Barnes RE
    Miss Lester Art
    Miss Dubey Music
    Mrs. Bennett MFL
    Miss Johnston & Miss Green PE