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We believe that homework encourages children to develop good work habits and independent study skills. It provides an opportunity for them to practise and reinforce skills learned in the classroom.

It is an expectation that your child reads every day. Every child has a reading record book where adults from both home and school can record what your child has read and any other relevant comments.

At the beginning of 2017 we reviewed the current systems in place for homework which included collating parent and carers responses to a survey that was made available online. Taking into account the views expressed within the survey, year leaders have worked together to form a consistent approach to homework.  This was further reviewed at the end of 2020. The homework will no longer include half termly projects as it was clear from the feedback given that these were not proving to be particularly helpful.

All children will receive weekly writing and maths homework. This is set on a Thursday and returned on the following Tuesday.

Specific homework arrangements for Year groups are as follows -


Homework will be presented in a folder and either completed practically or on the sheets provided.  In addition to Literacy and Maths, children will be set an independency skill to practice such as using a knife and fork or doing up their coat.  This homework is emailed out on a Thursday.

Year 1, Year 2 Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5

Maths homework will be presented in a folder and completed on the sheets provided. Literacy homework will make use of the CGP grammar work books.  Instructions and any associated worksheets will be emailed out on a Thursday.

Year 6

Year 6 will make use of the CGP end of Key Stage revision books for both Maths and Literacy.  Instructions will be emailed out on a Thursday.

All year groups

Year group leaders have made the instructions as clear as possible and the tasks will always be explained to the children before they are sent home. Objectives to be covered in both Maths and Literacy will be the same as those explicitly taught in recent lessons and as such should not be ‘new’ to your child. If your child finds the homework tasks unduly challenging, or you feel they are not clearly explained, we encourage you to speak directly to the relevant year leader.

Partnership with Parents

Homework presents a unique opportunity for parents/carers to gain insight into the progress their child is making. Whilst we encourage children to take responsibility for independently completing the tasks set, it remains an expectation that parents/carers are actively involved. As such, if a child does not complete their homework, a text will be sent directly to the parent or carer to make them aware and to give them the opportunity to discuss with their child. A child’s homework book or folder may be sent home again and should the issue recur, the child’s class teacher will make contact with the parent or carer to discuss ways of supporting them and their child.

There is an expectation that schools set appropriate homework for children. What is deemed appropriate is at each individual school’s discretion. There are a variety of ways of organising homework and inevitably some families will feel our system suits them well and other families will feel it could be better. We have taken on board the numerous and varied responses to our survey and have developed a system which we hope will suit the majority of families.

The Echelford Primary School