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The Echelford Primary School

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    Special Educational Needs

    At The Echelford Primary School we are committed to ensuring all pupils' entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum is met. In order to achieve this, staff strive to differentiate the curriculum according to each child's need to ensure maximum progress. We have a clearly-defined process to enable us to identify children who may need either additional support or further extension and ensure suitable provision is put in place to enable them to progress and meet potential. To support this process, we have our own very experienced Special Needs & Gifted-Talented Coordinator in school who is able to call on the expertise of a range of professionals from different areas of both health and education services.

    Staff at Echelford are committed to equality of opportunity and access to all areas of school life. We aim to promote inclusion by ensuring all lessons are accessible to all children regardless of ability, physical difficulty or sensory impairment. On allocation of a place in our school, the needs of a child with disabilities will be carefully assessed and advice taken as to how we can best fulfil our commitment to Inclusion. Whilst our school is on a large site with classrooms on three floors, we will endeavour to make changes to the physical environment as far as possible, within the resources available, to meet the requirements of each individual child with special needs.

    At Echelford, we pay attention to the 4 principles of Inclusion:

    • We welcome all children regardless of race, gender, physical need or learning ability
    • We set suitable learning challenges
    • We respond to pupils' diverse learning needs
    • We aim to overcome potential barriers to learning

    The children at The Echelford Primary School are taught to help one another and respect each other's differences.