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Stepping back in time at Echelford for History Week

Echelford Primary School visiting the Victorian period in History Week
Monday 22nd May-Friday 26th May

Reception to Year 6 will be engaged in a variety of work surrounding the era including Victorian leisure, homes, inventions, crime and punishment - plus much more!

Throughout the week, there will be amazing opportunities to explore artefacts, sort through a range of sources and even have some visitors to allow everyone to experience the full extent of what life was like during this life-changing period.

We want everyone to be fully involved with our History week, both inside and outside of school. In order to facilitate this, we will be uploading photos to our Victorian gallery each day which you can view here, alongside descriptions of the day for you to become fully immersed in all the exciting learning.

We are looking forward to delving deep into the Victorian period and sharing all of our captivating learning with you!

History Week Diary

Monday 22nd May
Today has seen the launch of our History week and we have already completed numerous activities surrounding The Victorian Era.

Year 4 were lucky enough to delve into the Victorian artefacts we have here in school and gain the full Victorian experience - even the Dunce hat made an appearance! Reception have also had the opportunity to do the same this afternoon - we look forward to listening to all the learning that they have completed.

Other year groups have introduced their exciting theme and have lots of cross curricular learning based around this, including: art pieces, role play, drama and Design and Technology.

We hope you can join us again tomorrow to once again become fully immersed in all of our historical learning - we may have some extra visitors joining us then too!

Tuesday 23rd May
The children have yet again been fully engaged in all of their learning. We have seen Victorian classes with new Victorian names; black and white portraits out on the playground from year 3 which can be seen in our online gallery and our artefacts have been enjoyed all around school. It is fantastic to see everyone so fully involved in their History learning!

Wednesday 24th May
Children across Echelford have been delving even deeper into their historical learning - Year 5 have been playing Victorian style games to enhance their learning and have had an opportunity to explore Victorian life with the artefacts. Year 2 have been going back in time (inspired by an Alien traveller) and have been comparing Victorian homes from then to now.

It sounds as if everybody is having a brilliant week - come back tomorrow for more information!

Thursday 25th May
Today brings another exciting, historical day for us here in Victorian Echelford - Year 6 have been using chalk to create their own playtime games and creating a court room drama - investigating real crimes and sentencing the criminals. Reception have had another opportunity to explore the artefacts, along with Year 3 who have been sorting them into categories depending on the 'class' they would have been in at the time.

Year 1 have been able to have Chertsey Museum come into school today to deliver a Seaside workshop - they have completed a variety of different activities and it sounds like they have had a great day!

Tomorrow brings even more excitement and sharing our learning across the school.

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